What glory will all of this be, a hundred years from now…

When things that have to end, will do so
And I will be lying many feet below.
What would that test be like, to be alone in a grave
Six foot deep and a few inches wide, every night and day.

Would I even know that days are moving?

Would I be haunted with time I wasted so gleefully?
Would I regret not having spent enough time with my family?
Perhaps, a smile would have been a heavy act of charity,
Perhaps, not burning others with harsh words would have changed my destiny?

I wonder, what it would be like in Jannah…

A place where you only hear laughter and no vain talk;
Where tables are set and foods galore; all day long, for you to hog.
The delight in relishing all types of chocolates and cookies
Without having to bother about weight or calories.

The delight of wearing new clothes without any repetition,
Or perhaps the delight to just laze around, with no trepidation
The life where houses are “homes”, and
Love and laughter replace bricks and stones.

Ya Rabb!

You’ve promised all this and more…
To your rightful slaves: You gift them galore.
But You didn’t ask us to do extraordinary things,
You didn’t ask us to climb mountains in order to reach You,
You didn’t ask us to cross wild seas to please You

You said…

Give charity no matter however “small” they may seem,
And pay your debts, no matter however “little” you deem.
Treat your kith and kin with care, and
Do not even say uff to your parents, in despair

Spend a couple of minutes or more in the middle of the night,
Ask what you wish for, I will surely ease your plight
Do not be self-centered, treat My slaves with empathy
And beware of the Day when no one’s plea would be allowed, nor their sympathy

Fix the small little things, You said,
Forgive and forget if we want Your forgiveness, we read
Remove someone’s misery by giving kind words of comfort
Or feed a slave or an orphan, when you see them desperate
Or be of those who spread compassion and nudge each other to do good
Rather than passing vile comments or just being plain rude

How simple the deeds to please You; how mighty the reward. We fail to realize all of this Ya Rabb…

Because the dungeons of dunya seem everlasting,
The perspective of mind always keeps changing,
Reminders after reminders,
Yet it’s so easy to drown in temporary disasters

All of this lasts just for a moment; a blink of an eye, it’ll be gone, You’ve promised

It’s complicated to understand that joy, happiness, glory and sorrow are not eternal in this world, and shall never be.
Its amazing to imagine that one day, all of this will be played in front of our eyes,
And we’ll have nowhere to flee.

Ya Rabb, Please…

Give us the joy of gazing at Your face
Give us the strength to mend our ways
Turn our hearts in Your direction, and
Plant them firmly upon Islam, our religion…


May we strive to be amongst those who do every single act in order to please Allah Allah Subhanahu-wa-Taala alone. May we help each other to wade through dunya with patience and perseverance. May we make our books heavy with good deeds and strive to reserve our places in Jannah, an abode that lasts forever, a place, which no eye has ever seen, an abode which no human has ever experienced.

I’d like to sign off with this sentence from one of the famous speakers of our time, Br. Nouman Ali Khan: “Allah subhaana wa ta’aala says Jannah is awesome; imagine how awesome that is when the All-Knowing is calling it awesome.” May all of us meet in Jannah, in sha Allah.



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    your words litrally made me speechless