Humble Beginnings…

International Open University’s Blog was started in 2013 by a handful of dedicated writers who contributed articles related to Islam, Islamic Education, Culture, Current Affairs, Islamic Fiction and History. Soon, the blog grew in size with various talented writers, shuyook of IOU and guest authors chipping in with inspiring and educative articles related to different aspects of Islam and life.

And We Grew…

With the blog receiving a phenomenal response from readers worldwide, we gradually expanded. Presently, Blog IOU has more than 20 writers with the list constantly growing Alhamdulillah.

New Ideas

A team of dedicated and super talented graphic designers took over to give life to each article that was posted. Blog IOU is known to stand out for beautifully designed posters that score high in terms of design, content, quality and visual appeal. Infograghics designed for certain articles are a massive hit amongst the millions of readers worldwide.

Who Are We?

A collaboration of global writers unleashing their talents to please Allah and benefit the Ummah.

Meet the Team

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What Do We Do?

We write to Inspire! Our focus is on:

Why IOU Blog?

Yes, we know that there are innumerable blogs on the internet. But we stand out from the crowd!

How? By…

What Is Our Mission?

Simply put, our goal is to inspire and educate! Being a part of IOU, our primary motto is “Changing the Nation through Education”. With a touch of inspiration and motivation, we hope to bring the Ummah closer to Islam and Allah by giving them authentic information inshaAllah!

We, as a team, strive to fulfill the purpose of life- worship Allah and motivate ourselves and others to achieve this.

We want our readers to walk on the path of Islam with us, so we can enter jannah together inshaAllah.

Who Are Our Audience?

We welcome everyone with open arms- Muslims and Non Muslims.

So, What is IOU?

Islamic education from the comforts of your home. Curious? Click here!

How Popular Are We?

The numbers of our followers speaks for itself!

International Open University has student body of 212,175 from 228 countries of the world. IOU is reaching millions of people who are not their students through its social media.